What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? I might argue transformation.

When you meet a contradiction this strong, the laws of physics must simply change, there’s no other answer. … But where is something like this possible? We know unstoppable forces perhaps don’t exist in much of our observable universe, but perhaps we encounter them much more than we think. There’s so much room in our mind for these things.

Perhaps limits only exist within the constraints of the universe they belong to. And perhaps each of us has a universe within us, an entire universe at our fingertips. At our wit’s end, perhaps.

And in these universes, we can set limits, or lack of them, as we please. As an author does in a story you might choose to indulge your mind with. Or a movie. Or poem.

… So what happens when we go limitless? Well, first, there’s the matter of what. What can we stretch to infinity? Convictions. Your core beliefs. And perhaps, if you’re masterful, your Word.

It could be different for everyone, but suppose you took two core beliefs and turned them towards each other? Perhaps you never noticed, but deep down the logical rabbit hole, a few of your beliefs are not refined enough and bump up against each other. Or perhaps you’re not courageous enough to actualize the full extent of a belief within yourself and it becomes apparent in a moment of clarity.

When they meet, expect transformation. Either of yourself, or the entire world around you. Expect to see colours in things that you may have not noticed. Or depths in things that may have seemed shallow. Or “too far to matter”. You might notice an entire dimension of being, right under your nose. And you might notice your own, entire, “body of work” propped up by a beautiful symmetry you’ve always felt but couldn’t quite put your finger on. And it might be a humbling feeling you could really get used to…

… Or, it changes you forever. Because it’ll send a chain of Dominos deep into your psyche to resolve the contradiction and you might come out changed at the core.



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Mikhail Chaloupov

Mikhail Chaloupov

A gent with a strong drive to find life's meaning and spread good words, thoughts and efforts. Heart on my sleeve, AMA.