Speaking your Truth — to go with the flow or to cut through the current?

Your Truth can cut through the “social consciousness” like a canoe through a wake if you align it.

It’s hard to speak of spirituality in the modern world, it seems to so many... Most people nowadays in Western cultures seem to get really touchy on the subject, go down pre-dug false rabbit holes and check-out of deep conversations only a few inches deep. The universe seems to be recognizing this more than ever these days. A favourite band of mine just released an album “Crisis of Faith” to comment on it precisely.

In a punk-rock voice:

God damn motherfucker with that old-world plan
I swear some day, we’ll be rid of your clan
Your hateful rhetoric is so carefree
Why can’t you see what it feels like to be — Judged!

It seems like a lot of judging is being done by the haters nowadays.

How do we live rooted in or truth, in a world like this? Everyone seems to be closing the doors on the conversations that need to be had for the human spirit to flourish. Where do we find re-affirmation in our beliefs? Well, depending on how “hardcore” you are with discipline and faith, we always have God to speak to. And He will answer, if you have faith in Him to. But is that all? Of course not. I’m too optimistic for all humans to believe that salvation is only reserved for the ones who are ready to accept faith “blindly”. I myself came from sciences and wouldn’t accept a preacher’s words on faith alone. He’s as human as I am!

You can speak of extraordinary truths you encounter, but you may be pushed out with a “Common Truth”. Science, mainstream rhetoric, social constructs and cultural norms… There are a lot of things people know to be true that may seem like the “end-all-be-all” body of knowledge for people to accept. What do you do? You cut through the wake.

How do you cut through the wake? Well you need to align yourself with the “flow”, even if it feels unsettling to not be vocal about your beliefs. You need to listen. Then you’ll see where the tide is headed and you can steer with the tide at your back. It might not feel comfortable, but by letting the two truths co-exist in your mind, you can draw the straightest line between them.



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Mikhail Chaloupov

Mikhail Chaloupov

A gent with a strong drive to find life's meaning and spread good words, thoughts and efforts. Heart on my sleeve, AMA.