Quick and dirty — Pyramid of God

I shared my new blog with a friend. He read my first posts and it resonated with him. Then he gave me his vision of how to better describe my philosophy. I had to stop him for a second an say: “I’m in no rush. Ask me anything.”

He mentioned his pursuit of formulating his ideas with supporting pillars and major supporting theses. Good for him, we need men doing that kind of work! But then when he wanted to clarify my “general ideas”, he lost faith: “You’ll have to get into a long essay to give me an answer”.

I said: “Try me.”

He wanted a clearer picture of how my understandings of different Sciences, and how subjectivity and objectivity are linked to my understanding of God. Here’s my answer:

  • Subjective means your perception — Social manifestations
  • Objective means observable, scientific “things” in the world — Physical manifestations
  • God means understanding everything. Both physical and social.

…. This sets us up for a very nice Pyramid! Here’s what it looks like:

Pyramid of God

Not clear enough? Please message me and ask!

…Love you!



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Mikhail Chaloupov

Mikhail Chaloupov

A gent with a strong drive to find life's meaning and spread good words, thoughts and efforts. Heart on my sleeve, AMA.